Saturday, October 10, 2009

Maverick's Basement made Bird House

Our old oldest son (whom I will call Maverick- not his real name) started a neat little project today. This is where it all began......

Ok, technically, it all began at The Home Depot. That is where I spied this pattern for a birdhouse. Hey, when you homeschool, your eyes are always on the lookout for a learning experience for your kids.

From time to time, I stepped down to the basement to see what was going on. (By the way, those red free publication boxes that are in every single one of these pictures are for sale- cheap- I want them out of the basement!)

Way to go Maverick! I was so proud of how fast he put this little jewel together and what a great job he did. I told him to beware. The next time I went to The Home Depot, there was no telling what pattern I might pick up next time. I don't think he was worried. He discovered that he liked working with wood today. Hooray!

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