Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Distractions this week.......

I did not make this but I wish I knew how.......

My incredibly talented sister-in-law was informed of my ill attempts at crochet. I showed her the pattern that I had wanted to try. There was one problem, the instructions looked like some foreign language to me. To her, she picked up that crochet hook, and got to work. From the time it took me to walk to the kitchen, heat up the left over spaghetti, and get the food on the plates, she had this little jewel above finished. I guess it only took her 45 minutes tops! Here and there, I popped into the living room to watch and ask questions. I'm just not sure that my brain comprehended the answer to those many, many questions. We will just have to see. The good thing is, there are quite a few of us in the family that are wanting to learn how to make these dishcloths (pictured above). We have a "crochet party" planned in the near future.

I made this and I'm thrilled that I know how.....

When I discovered that crochet was just not going to happen without further instruction, I picked up the knitting needles. My sister in law said that crochet was, "sooooo much easier than knitting." Hmmmm, I somehow managed to make this little jewel by knitting. Do you reckon that I learn backwards? Anyway, I'm quite proud of this accomplishment. I was shocked that it came together so fast. I started it three days and ago in my spare time and now, it's done! Woo Hoo! Now, I need to find someone or some site to show me how to make hats- instant Christmas presents- you can't beat that!

I play this too much but it's so addicting....

This is my other distraction. The Sims. Yes, I have a family named the "Who" family. If you know anything about Science fiction, you will get it. If not, you'll think I'm just as nuts as you usually do. To give you a little background, my Sims family is comprised of Doctor, Gwen (from a Doctor Who spin off show), Martha, and Merlin (our newest favorite show until Lost comes back on in January). Doctor, Martha, and Gwen all have steady paying jobs and Merlin is unemployed. He lives in a shed beside the main house and practices magic. You know, turning people into frogs and such.

It's all good fun and quite a distraction if I may say so myself.

So there you have it, my distractions this week.

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