Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Week In Photos

While I was gone this week from blogging, a lot went on in the background that I thought I would share with you.

I sewed up these little toddler bags for a special order.

Scott and Go-Cart boy came home with this little guy, set him up on the kitchen table, and told me to take a picture of him since they knew that he would fall apart at any moment. I take it they went to Arby's for lunch that day.

While taking my compost out to the bucket, I passed under the volleyball net. Something caught my eye.

All I did was put my hand down at the pole on the ground and I was swarmed instantly. Thankfully, these are what we call in the south, "sugar ants". Let's just say that Scott came along shortly after and took care of these little pests. Unfortunately, they quickly found their way into the back door shortly after. Just so you know, a few drops of tea tree oil , a scoop of Charlie's Soap, and water in a spray bottle kill these guys instantly. We discovered this safe concoction after trying to develop something to kill fire ants. The bad thing is that it does absolutely nothing to fire ants. Sugar ants, instant kill. Don't ask me why, I'm not a chemist. All I know, is that it is a safe pest controller for sugar ants. Fire ants just get a nice bath with it and that's all.

It got quite chilly here the other day so I decided it was time to switch out the girl's summer clothes for fall. The boy's closet wasn't so hard. This is the beginning of the "mess". It took two trips to Walmart to get more clothes hangers to sort this out. I have 5 grocery bags full of goodies to give away or donate to Goodwill now. .........Now, if I could just figure out where I put my winter clothes in our container, I'd be alright......

And now for the number one thing that I've been busy with this week- getting school more organized. One thing that I have found that works for me (and the kids of course!), is Spelling City. You take your spelling words, enter them in a list, and the kids can play all sorts of spelling games and can even get tested. Here is a link to Spelling City (just click on the photo)- I highly recommend it for any kiddo that needs a more fun way to learn to spell those spelling words!

Vocabulary and spelling made fun

And last but certainly not least, the biggest news of the week.......

********** Insert imaginary photo of two fang marks on Scott's leg***********

Yep, I made a promise to Scott that I wouldn't put any goofy pictures of him on this blog and so far, I've lived up to that promise. To make a long story short, Scott was bitten by a snake this week. Yes, I did take a picture of his "fang" marks but, I'm not going to show them here. Luckily, the snake didn't penetrate his skin too far down and even more luckily, apparently, it wasn't a poisonous snake to begin with. Can you say fortunate? My hard working man was weed eating in the dark (don't ask me why?) when his little slithery episode took place so he had no idea as to what variety of snake bit him. He is doing fine and the bite marks are shrinking every day. I think I have had a few new gray hairs show up on my head since that night.

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  1. Spelling City is a neat tool! We used Spelling Power when the kids were younger and those two would have worked well together too.

    Love the Tim Hawkins video... he's a family favorite!