Saturday, October 17, 2009

Secret Christmas Stuff- Don't tell

The internet is a great place to learn a new hobby. Just ask anyone on Etsy. Sooner or later, you see something that picks your interest and before long, you set out to find, "just how did they do that?"

How do people knit those spectacular creations that you can't find in stores? Is it possible to knit and entire sweater?

Well, I have picked up the knitting needles again. The first time was years ago and I didn't get far with learning back then. Now, thanks to a gift from my sister a few years ago (a knitting kit), and those fabulous You-Tube videos out there on knitting, I was able to figure out at least some of the "knitting mystery". Now, I think I'm addicted. Some ladies on the SHE Team on Etsy mentioned the other day that they thought the sudden desire to knit comes with the impending cooler weather. So, I'm not alone. There may be women all over the country knitting at this very moment- that's pretty neat!

This is a secret. When I make something for someone, it has to "speak" to me. Speak in the terms of who I think it would look good on. This secret (if it works) will go to someone that has a fondness for the Scottish lands.

This is a full sized secret that I finished. My first secret in fact. I'm shocked that it turned out exactly like the video said it would. An undersized model for this secret object volunteered to model this secret for me. This secret object has the name "Me-Ma" written all over it . I just hope Me-Ma isn't allergic to wool!

Hmm, some of us are waiting for a crochet teacher to spend some time with us. When that happens, I don't think there will be any stopping me or my sister!

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