Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's Outside Scott's Car Windows- a little "ducky" and "buggy"

Sometimes Scott sends me little photos of odd things that he sees "outside his car windows". This particular time, he saw these critters:

Could it be an ugly duckling? Yep. Kinda looks like a buzzard in the head. If it weren't for those webbed feet, I would say it was a buzzard. Anyway, this webbed footed creature (that honestly, resembles a buzzard, in my opinion) hangs out in the parking lot at a Mexican grocery store.

These are his friends. They hang out in the bushes just outside the grocery store.

Still more of ugly duckling's friends that also hang out in the parking lot at the grocery store.
No one told them that there is no water to be found around parking lots.

This is the praying mantis that hangs out on top of the newspaper box, just outside the Mexican grocery store. Do you think he is aware of the impending danger just a couple of feet below him in the form of a buzzard looking duck?

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  1. Cute buzzard looking, webbed footed bird, haha