Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's Outside Scott's Car (uhm...motorcycle) Windows- Don't look If You are Squeamish

Warning: This photo is disturbing. It may not be to you but it is to me. I'm paranoid when it comes to the subject in this photo. I apologize ahead of time if the subject in the photo offends you too.

I still can't believe I'm putting this on my blog but, Scott did send this photo of what he saw outside his windows. Technically, it wasn't outside his windows. It was just plain "outside". You see, Scott was on a motorcycle. Did you just get shivers up your spine like I did? Could you imagine being "unprotected" on a motorcycle and running across (no, not physically running across) this monster? This critter was crossing the road near our garden.

Did you catch that? I said, near our garden. ((((shiver))))

Mr. evil looks like a black snake but we think that with his ribbon appearance, he is a black racer. Who knows, it could be a new species for all I know. I've always felt that a good snake is a dead snake. You can quote me on that too.


  1. haha ewww! That would creep ME out, too!
    There's this pond/marshy area right by my house and the YMCA is right there and my mom saw a snake while she was out back feeding the birds at the YMCA. ewww!!!

  2. I have to say as long as they aren't poisenous, I don't mind a black racer in my yard... it keeps away the rodents! Not that I want to buddy up with them but...