Saturday, September 5, 2009

By George, You Made It to The Front Page Dear!

A rotten front page screen shot but at least you get the idea.....

Do you see it? You know, the 9th item in the photo above. Yeah, that one. It's the CD clock that Scott dreamed up. Yep, that's a front page shot you see there. Can you believe it?

If you aren't on Etsy, I realize that you have no idea, what in the world, I'm talking about but just trust me. It's a big deal. That little photo managed to get 283 clicks on it. The bad thing is, I still have it in a storage box because no one wanted to call it their own. Oh well. All is not lost. At least I fulfilled my dream. (Even if it was a silly little dream). What was that dream you say? I wanted to be able to put one of those, "This Item Made It To The Front Page on Etsy" photos in a listing. You know what? I did it right away when I found out this jewel was on the front page too. You can see my silly little dream here.

Scott laughed when I told him that one of "his" items made it and not one of mine. It wasn't an evil laugh. I think he laughed because of the way that I told him that one of his items made it and mine didn't. (imagine fake "pouty" talk went on here)

Anyway, congratulations Scott on making the front page even if it doesn't mean anything to you.


  1. I've used it in a treasury before... not a front page treasury, though. It's a great clock. I'll have to find the little picture and do that too... hadn't thought about using the front page photo before. Of course, I've been terrible with my etsy lately anyway.

  2. Awesome! I didn't read what you wrote due to laziness but YAY! you got the front page! Woohoo!!!

    As for your changing-of-the-leaves thing...what is that?! We don't get that here!

  3. Cheryl, thanks! I've actually been wanting to sew a lot more for my shop now that I should be getting the school year down on paper. Distractions, distractions.....

    Thanks Curlyfry!