Monday, September 14, 2009

So, What Do You Do With Three Bags of Bananas?

Yes, I know that this photo shows only two bags of bananas. Someone or some people ate an entire bag when I wasn't looking. Oh, I forgot to mention, these bananas are organic! Hooray! Organic bananas taste so much better than plain old bananas- yum yum- (and I'm really not that crazy about bananas!). We came across these jewels by accident when our local grocery store was putting them out on clearance since a new shipment was coming in.

I guess you make a lot of muffins if you have 3 (um, scratch that) 2 bags of bananas. Can you tell I make muffins a lot? Hey, they are portable breakfast food- everyone loves portable breakfast food!

Anyway, when I'm not going bananas, I can eat them!


  1. Mmmmm I love bananas and banana muffins even more!!!

  2. those look wonderful! We have a new organic grocery in town and I haven't been yet... will have to check that out. I bet the other grocery stores will lower the prices on their organic stuff too.

  3. I'm finding that a lot of chain stores are having to compete with Whole Foods Market in my area. Even Walmart has started carrying more of an organic selection than they did in the past. We are learning that if we really, really look hard, sometimes Whole Foods has cheaper things than our regular Ingles Market. It just amazes me.