Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New Critter At Minnie Maes........

This is Rupert. Well, um, the makings of Rupert anyway.

This is the big mess that I made while cutting out Rupert's body pieces. Actually, this is the cleaned up mess- see, it's organized. Body pieces in one pile, scraps in another, and left over pieces (don't know how that happened???) in a third pile. (Don't even ask about the thread all over the carpet and that rogue pin that almost claimed a victim's foot either......)

Ok, officially, Meet Rupert.

Here he is in all of his splendor. He took an entire day to complete because I couldn't get his head to sit up straight on it's own. I actually took him a few places while I was stuffing him, so he has seen some of the world. He got to sit in the car all by himself in the parking lot of Whole Foods Market and he got to sit beside a space bounce for awhile in the blazing hot sun last Saturday. (I think he will forever like to travel now.)

To find out more about Rupert, you can click on over to Minnie Maes for details.

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