Saturday, September 19, 2009

Putt Putt at The Park...

We took a little unexpected trip to the park the other day. Our life is just that way. We have to be able to slam on breaks and completely change the direction of our day in an instant. It's always been that way and it probably always will be. Why? I don't know- it just seems that it always happens that way. Anyway, we pride ourselves as a family in making last minute changes to plans and just, "going" with it. This particular day, we were looking forward to a change in every day life- a trip to our favorite state park.

Our fun began in the park office. Someone pulled a scale out and all of the men standing around started weighing themselves. (Ladies, you know what the women were doing- standing around going, "You are going on a diet now fellas".) Why the men wanted to weigh themselves publicly, I will never know but, I do know that the scale in the above picture was waaaaaaayyyy off. According to that scale, my poor brother in law had gained 28 pounds in 1 week and a half!! My Scott had gained almost 15 pounds since we left the house earlier in the day. Well, however off the scale was, it prompted a lot of the men in the surrounding area to start walking everyday.

This is the putt putt course that we played on. We tried to start playing early in the day but certain, lets say, "obstacles" were making a normal game, quite difficult.

Here is a photo of one of the many "obstacles" that we encountered. Have you ever played putt putt when the carpet was raised up all over the place? Hopefully, the new carpet will be down when we go back next year...

Hey, I thought I was free from the evil that is called, "fire ants". Oh foot, they have them here too!!! The good thing is that they pretty much left us alone and didn't come looking for innocent toes to bite like the one's back home do.

This was the highlight of the putt putt game. I said that the looser had to kiss the skunk! The kids all kissed the skunk, even if they didn't loose.

Mr. Skunk (or "Bob" as Rolley Poly Girl stated) got a lot of lovin' that day.

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