Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Last Garden Hoorah- At least for the Critters Anyway....

This morning glory is holding it's own despite it's pretty blossom being eaten. I can only suspect that the viscous and ravenous fire ants are the culprits here. The proof was directly under the poor plant. They were everywhere- looking for unsuspecting toes to nibble on (the fire ants- not the morning glories).

Uncle Bubba's Moon and Stars watermelons didn't have a chance with Mr. Groundhog living somewhere in the woods nearby. At least he (Mr. Groundhog-not Uncle Bubba) could have eaten the entire thing instead of eating only part and leaving the rest to rot....

We were minutes away from saving this jewel. What bothers me is that those are mighty big "peck" holes in that watermelon. I couldn't help but look over both shoulders and over my head when I saw this mess. I wonder if birds (and groundhogs for that matter) are attracted to watermelons when they are covered in yellow spots? We can only wonder what these goodies would have tasted like. The other baby watermelons aren't doing so well in the drought and if it does manage to rain, I'm sure the critters will be stalking them at every moment.


  1. I had no idea fire ants did that! We tried growing strawberries one year and couldn't keep the birds out for anything!

  2. I'm just not sure about these fire ants- maybe they are some kind of weird strane or something. I've never had anyone say that they were so bad as they are in the garden area. I'm wondering if the soil PH (which we know is off) might have something to do with it. All I know is that these are one strange group of mean critters.