Thursday, September 17, 2009

There's No Place Like Home....

I went home again the other day. My mother has the most awesome yard.

Bumble bees were crawling all over these pretties. Can you believe that this brave bee didn't care that I got this close. I wondered if he was dead- eventually, he moved a leg so he was alive. I think the deliciousness of the flower intoxicated him temporarily.

My mother has this pretty bunch of cone flowers on her back step. It really helps the matter that my sister works at a greenhouse and can supply her with plenty of "flowery goodies". She says that the mosquito plant (to the right) really does help to repel those little nasties.

This is the Virginia Creeper that is already turning for fall.

This deformed apple is the last one on the tree. It was out of reach, which is ok since I'm not sure I'd want to eat a deformed apple. It kind of looks like the "wormies" have already sampled it anyway.

Just a few more lavender shaded pretties.

This is the last Rose of Sharon left on this tree.

Two pears left on this tiny pear tree. We sampled one last month but it wasn't quite ready yet. I'm just not sure how to tell when pears are ready. Anyone have any ideas?

Pretty, pretty, but I'm sure they are poisonous. Ok, I'm not really that sure but if the birds aren't eating them, I could only guess that they are.

I hate to see the last flowers of summer fading away.......


  1. I love your mom's yard! Does she get fire ants like you do? Those things sound so mean!

    Oddly, we have almost the same plants! It kind of looks like you were taking photos in my yard! Guess I didn't see you out there or I would have invited you in for some tea:)

  2. That is really neat about you having almost the same plants in your yard! Yes, she does have fire ants but not quite as bad as down the road where our garden was. The fire ants love to hang around on her front porch (where she leaves the cat's food). As a matter of fact, she had a pile of mulch in her yard at one point and we thought that someone was swiping some of it. As it turned out, a fire ant colony was "composting" it!

  3. that rose of sharon is beautiful! all are... I love my Mom's gardens too.