Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Eco- Friendly Easter

Small Fabric Easter Basket available at Minnie Maes

Patchwork round, Fabric Easter Basket available at Minnie Maes

I haven't gotten out to the fabric store lately but I have added a couple "little" spring items to Minnie Maes over the past few days. If I don't hurry and purchase some Easter fabrics, I'm afraid that they will be gone soon!

These two items were made from some fabric I purchased almost 2 years ago to make a quilt for one of my daughters. As a matter of fact, the round-bottomed basket was made over a year ago and was lying in my "to do" box. The "to do" that it needed, was to have it's picture taken and uploaded to Etsy. Believe it or not, I finally got around to it.

These little guys are great for gift giving or to relieve, what I like to call, "closet congestion". (Technically, in my case, to relieve storage container congestion). What in the world am I talking about? Well, like I say in the description in my Etsy shop for these two items, these little guys are collapsible and can be used over and over each year. No more piles of Easter baskets and buckets stacked up (and constantly falling down). No more boxes of holiday decorations with huge plastic handles sticking out. Fabric baskets solve all of those problems.

On the plus side, big brother's can't "Whop" little sister's heads and cause major injury with cloth baskets!

I always try to keep at least one small, a medium, and a large fabric gift bag in my shop that coincides with the season at hand. Sometimes you might have to look for them, but they are there. Unfortunately, I'm slack lately so the medium and large bag that I have in stock are fall related. I guess that I just added something else to my "to do" list didn't I?

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