Monday, March 2, 2009

What's Outside My Windows.....(the serious version)

Here are a few pictures of what we got to experience this morning- outside my windows.
(Don't look now CurlyFry- you have been warned....)

Black Ice

Our Driveway (kinda grey ice?)

Kitty Prints


  1. That warning should have come before the 1st photo! I've got goosebumps just looking at them.
    It's 40 degrees, here, but at least we got lucky on the no-snow deal. :D 70's this weekend. Wanna come to the beach?

  2. Hee, Hee, Hee, Hee, or should I say, moo-haha.

  3. Seriously, I can't wait until we can get to the beach. I have a few kiddos that haven't seen the ocean. They think the "beach" is the one at the lake in Georgia!

  4. My children was hoping that we'd get that snow but it didn't come to the midlands as it was suppose to.

    The 8 gallons of milk that I have has an expiration date of the 15th on it. So it should still be good until then.

    I have frozen milk before. Say, if the date was good for another two days once frozen; I'd make sure that once thawed I use it within those two days. Does that make sense? You do have to take some milk out of each gallon frozen though. There has to be room for the milk to expand once frozen.

    Have a great week in the Lord!