Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I'm a little late today, but Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Night Night Puppy even got into the "wearing" green thing today

This morning at my house, there was this brief, but very frantic event that took place. For a few minutes, four children scrambled around, searching for green shirts (or pants as the case may have been). Luckily, all but Night Night Puppy managed to avoid the traditional "pinch" of St. Patrick's Day. It didn't take long before Night Night Puppy even got into the spirit of things and sported a homemade green leash (made by her loving four year old owner).

I was completely caught off guard myself but thinking quickly, I grabbed an ink pen and stuck it out of my pants pocket. I also told them to pay careful attention to the color of my eyes as well. The kids said that it didn't count so I played it safe and put on a green shirt. Phewwww, now I'm safe......


  1. The only thing that I have to wear that is green is a bracelet. I think this is a good excuse to go clothes shopping, haha

  2. I went to the parade in Savannah this morning with my parents. Of course I wore green!