Friday, March 13, 2009

Homeschooler Wants to "Lick" Goldfish.......

I think he just read my son's English assignment

Homeschooling moms out there, you will appreciate this one if you have had at least one apple in your basket do something similar.

I have this younger son that likes to do things to the beat of his own drum. Mind you, that drum has to always be drumming something funny-something that gets him attention basically.

J #3 as I sometimes refer to my 2nd grader, (Seriously, you don't really think that I call my children by numbers do you)?- (at least not in public) was left alone to finish a very small assignment from his English workbook. His assignment was to simply write three sentences about the picture on the page. The picture just happened to be a small, round, glass bowl filled with three goldfish.

I got preoccupied with something else and figured that I would check his work the next day- after all, it was just three sentences- right? He couldn't have had that much trouble with it could he?

I was totally caught off guard this morning when I opened his book and read the three simple little sentences that my 2nd grader scrawled across the page as quickly as he could that day. Here they are as follows:

  1. I ate my fish.
  2. I cooked my fish.
  3. I lick my fish.
I have nothing else to say.

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