Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Time With The Pigs- I promise

I had some left over Happy Frog fabric from the baby quilt that I made for my aunt the other day.
I made this medium sized baby quilt and listed it in my Etsy Shop, Minnie Maes.

Drum roll please..... Here is a cute Strawberry Piggies baby quilt that I also made and listed in my Etsy Shop.

OK, OK, I did go overboard with the piggies but I had this red zipper lying on my sewing table that was screaming out for it to be made into something. Hmmmmm, "A piggy wristlet would be perfect!" I thought to myself. So here it is. The strawberry piggies wristlet- which can also be found at Minnie Maes.

I think I have piggies out of my system now.

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