Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's Outside My Windows- The "Emergency" edition


I heard a shriek from the laundry room. "Mom, I want to get on that!" "What?" I say as I turn around to see what's going. The picture above is what I snapped (minus the people that I edited out).

Remember the old television show called, "Emergency"? Truthfully, with three boys in the house, we have season one on DVD. (We girls watched it too) Can't you just hear, "Rampart, we need some saline!" Every illness or emergency known to man was treated with saline on that show. If life were only that simple.

Well, the fire truck only stayed around for a short while but those guys working on it sure did have fun sliding down it. Sometimes it's more fun watching grown ups playing on those things than it would be to play on it yourself!

Here's to you Squad 51

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