Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's Outside My Windows- The backyard war rages

.....Think of the following pictures as photos that you would see similar to those elusive pictures that Big Foot hunters and Alien chasers snap. You know, the ones where the picture is really blurry and you can't quite make out what's in it but it sure does look like what "they say they saw".

You know me, usually I see huge "blow up thingies" outside the window. This time, I saw something completely different. Hey, I didn't have to make up anything about what I saw either. This time, nature provided the comedy.

Balloon man, you have been out staged.....

Here we see three roosters that just so happened to wander in to my backyard the other day. (Squint really hard- ahhh, now you see them don't you...)

It was a warm and breezy morning. The wind was blowing through the trees. The leaves were dancing. Three rooster brothers happened to wander to foreign territory searching for goodies to eat. You know, the bug and grub kind of goodies.

"Hey bro, here is a patch of pill bugs over here next to this massive stalk of poison ivy growing up these rocks- you know, right next to where the snake lives" says the first rooster. "Are you kidding, there is a plethora of earthworms over here beside the fire ant hill" says the second rooster. The third rooster stated in a very nervous voice to his brothers, "Hey man, I don't like this place. Something is not right. It's too quiet. Do you hear clicking noises?"

All three roosters went about their business pecking and scratching around the various hazards in my yard. Little did they know, we were watching them from afar, (outside the windows, you know).

"Oh, look at the two squirrels out there with the roosters" I said quietly.

All of the sudden, a raging war took place from nowhere. The two squirrels took off in a sprint, moving so fast as to appear to be a blur. They dashed past the poison ivy and headed straight for the rooster trio. Lets just say that what happened next would have made it into one of those animal comedy video shows.

My niece screamed, "Get the camera- quick!" I wasn't fast enough.

Two roosters were "bowled over" like bowling pins. The literally jumped 2-1/2" feet into the air before tumbling down into a heap. The squirrels meticulously turned to their right simultaneously like elegant synchronized swimmers and headed back towards the roosters. Only this time, the roosters were too fast- they were running for their lives. (Hence the blurry picture).

What happened next you say? Well, the squirrels disappeared after that- so did the roosters. I didn't see hide nor hair of any of them until yesterday. I did manage to get this photo of one of the elusive synchronized squirrel duo. Squint really hard and you will see the creature with his head up in the air, sniffing for roosters.

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  1. funny! I love animal shenanigans... when I was little, Mom would add dialogue to their behavior and crack me up. I did with my kids too.