Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's Outside My Windows- I used to like Mocking birds- I really did

There has been quite a disturbance in my backyard since the great squirrel/rooster war went on outside my windows the other day.

Let me tell you how it all took place.

Mama bird was sitting on the fence rail.

She was, what I call, "clicking" at me. You know, that kind of "Hey human lady, get out of my territory" kind of clicking. I even snapped this photo of her from not very far away.

Then, she flew over my head and perched on the branch- directly above my head. I fearlessly snapped this photo.

Too close for comfort I say. Don't you? "What's your problem bird woman?" I stated in an irritated voice. I was busy replanting my poor tomato seeds that the chicken manure killed (that's another story though). I shook my head and then proceeded to sit at the picnic table and plant my seeds- yet again. Anyway, I got up to put the plants in the cold frame (so no critters would get to them). I left my sickly tomato seedlings sitting on the table. It was my hope, at the time, that they would bounce back from their little sickness. What did ma bird do? She waited until I walked off and then proceeded to "flog" my tomato plants with full force. It reminded me of the squirrels getting after the roosters from yesterday.

"Hey you bird, get away from those!" I screamed. Now, up until this point, I had always had an affection for Mocking Birds. My great aunt had some that were raised on her porch in her plants. They were always kind and sweet and personable. Let's just say that this wasn't Aunt Bess's mocking birds. This bird was out to get me. She wanted to kill my tomatoes.

Now I was thinking, that not only do I have possessed squirrels in the yard, I have this ultra evil bird that was out to get me and anything I touched.

Eventually, I went inside the back door and looked back out. "What is up with that bird?" I thought.

All of the sudden, just a few feet from the table, I saw ma bird flutter to the ground with a huge worm in her mouth.

Now I knew what her problem was.

Her cute, fuzzy headed baby had fell out of a nest somewhere and I was a little too close for comfort.

....This time, I'll forgive Ma bird - she had a good reason to be freaking out.

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