Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lions, Tractors, and Cookie Monster- OH MY!

It occurred to me the other day that I had originally deviated from what I had thought I would sell in my Etsy shop to something totally different. How did this happen? I have no idea really. It just happened.

Some years back, I started making quilts for gifts. No, I am not a master quilter and I do not have the patience to hand stitch beautiful flowers and curly-Q's all over the top of a handmade quilt. I do machine quilting and not the fancy kind I tell ya'!

I tend to be practical and make things that are easy to care for. That goes for "baby" stuff especially. Over the years, I have had so many cute baby things given to me that came out a complete disaster in the wash. One day it hit me that if I was going to give a gift, it would have to be sturdy and could be tossed around all over the floor and still hold up. A new mama doesn't have time to dwell on special washing instructions and the like.

I had given a couple quilts as baby gifts and when I gave the latest one away, I was asked by the mama if I gave quilting lessons. I chuckled and said, "No, I had never even had the thought."

The thought kind of stuck in my head and eventually, I figured that maybe I could sell them online. I had heard of Etsy and I started reading up on it. I noticed that baby quilts weren't exactly a hot seller (or at least not my larger quilts). I figured I would need something else to sell and that's when I started making the fabric grocery bags.

You know what? I still haven't sold a single baby quilt on Etsy. I guess I'm glad that I didn't go "hog wild" and fill my shop full of quilts like I had originally planned.

The other day, my aunt placed an order with me (off of Etsy) for a baby quilt. She asked if I had some made up already. I have four made right now as a matter of fact. The problem is, as I have just today realized, they are all for boys. She needs a quilt for a girl. Hmmmmm, cutesy girl stuff is hot. Perhaps this is the reason I haven't sold a quilt. So, to remedy that situation, when I make a quilt for my aunt sometime in the next two weeks, I'm going to list a "cutesy" girlie quilt and see what happens. Who knows what might happen?

My current batch of "homeless" baby quilts

Baby Jungle Animal quilt- It measures 33-1/2" x 44-1/2"

Sesame Street - 33" x 44"
This quilt also comes with a matching fabric gift tote in the same Sesame Street fabric

John Deere - 32" x 44"
I actually have two of these made but only one is listed in my shop.

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