Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Musings for Saturday

Today has been a crazy Saturday. Not that Saturday's aren't always crazy around here. Sometimes it is a three ringed circus at my house.

I actually managed to get my poor old plants (that still haven't been planted in the garden yet due to the rain) a nice dosing of chicken manure (I feel weird writing that- sorry if it offends) I've just never written about chicken manure before...... Anyway, my poor old plants were needing some fertilizer and chicken manure is about a natural a fertilizer as you can get. Hopefully, you are very thankful that I have not provided any pictures of my little plant fertilizing project. You got off this time, I was just too tired to take pictures of chicken manure but you know I'll eventually get around to it so get prepared.

Out of 24 potatoes that we planted, 10 came up. Do you want to know what happened to the other 14. Take a wild guess.......

Fire Ants ate them....

One of my kiddos came down with a nasty cough that my herbal regimen couldn't fight so I took him to the doctor.

We love our family doctor. He is "old school". His father was one of those "old timey" doctors that actually made house calls and had his own hospital in town. Our good doctor took after his father and actually treats each patient like the other- like they are a very special person in his eyes.

My poor son is so nervous when it comes to going to the doctor. Last time, he broke out in a huge case of hives in the waiting room while waiting. This time, he handled it much better until our doc came in. Doc shook his head, looked at my son, and said, "There is no hope for him. We are just going to have to shoot him to put him out of his misery." Can you imagine the size of my boy's eyes when he heard that? Awww, it's alright. We had a good laugh over it. Doc made up with my boy when he complemented my son by saying that he is different than his boys. When he looks in his own boy's ears, "the light goes straight through and shines on the wall" he stated.

My boy's head isn't hollow. What a complement!

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  1. Thanks for not posting your fertilizer pics, haha. Your doc sounds like a great guy. What he told your son made me laugh!!! Hope he feels better soon.