Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Christmas In ..... April?

My New Christmas Ornament and my prize for winning a blog contest!!!

Ellemar's Abstract Red Miniature Vase that I think is just gorgeous! Go take a look at all of the other pretty pieces Ellemar has to offer.

Smokey Mountain's Cupids Spell Glycerin Soap looks like you could just take a bite right out of it! Make sure and take a look at all of her other great products.

A little bit of Christmas has come early for me this year! I won a blog contest hosted by a fellow SHE team member (Schooling at Home Etsians), Smokey Mountain Scents.

Smokey Mountain makes delicious looking bath and body products that make you want to eat some of her soaps! (although I wouldn't advise eating soap!)

Smokey Mountain Scents was giving away a ceramic Christmas ornament donated by Ellemar Designs (also a fellow SHE team member). Ellemar specializes in beautiful one of a kind ceramic pieces and sells her products on Etsy.

I've always been interested in ceramics but never got to pursue ceramics except in middle school (that's what we call it in the south- middle school- you might call it 2ndary school or junior high). Anyway, I got to design a vase and fire it in the kiln at school. What I got was a weird, strangely shaped thing that resembled a large hat. The kind of hat that a large, deformed teddy bear could wear. Enough about me!

I think I will let the experts do what they do best.

Make sure and visit Ellemar Designs and Smokey Mountain Scents when you get a chance and I bet you will find something you love!

Special thanks to Smokey Mountain and Ellemar for allowing me to enter and win my beautiful Christmas ornament...


  1. My husband bought those candy corns...cupid corn...for me for Valentine's Day. I also have a bag of Bunny Corn for Easter. And I'm saving them until Sunday! YEP! I won't touch them.

    Congrats on the prizes. Those are so beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing my ornament with your readers!