Saturday, April 4, 2009

Salmonella + Dirt

Remember those egg shells I told you about? Here they are in all of their splendor- filled with potting soil! If you are astute, (my homeschool word of the day) there are quite a few more egg shells added to the collection since the last time I blogged about them. There are 60 in all now. (One met an untimely death when it crashed from the top of the refrigerator to the floor and shattered into a million pieces.)

I had enough potting soil left over after filling my egg shells, that I was able to fill these two plant trays that my brother gave me. The potting soil, by the way, was given to me by my mother in law. (Don't ever let anyone tell you that all mother in laws are bad news! Mine is the best one that I ever could have ended up with!)

My poor old pot of Creeping Jenny even got a little sprucing up with some left over potting soil. If you can see the scratches on the side of the pot, they have a story behind them. Jessee the cat loved to use this pot as his personal scratching post and the Creeping Jenny was his personal bed.

This is an old picture of Jesse the cat lounging in the next pot in line. Notice the big green pot to his left is the Creeping Jenny pot- he killed it that year by sleeping on it all of the time. He moved on to the next pot but it was a little small for him.

According to the almanac, April 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are the days good for planting. I want to do things the "old timey" way so that is exactly when I'm going to technically plant my tomato seeds. We are waiting on my brother to say the plowing is complete and we will be planting a lot more "goodies" too. I can't wait!


  1. Went shopping tonight. Stepped out of the car and stepped on a crushed egg! HOW did an egg get, ONE egg, get into a parking lot? How did I park next to it and step in it with my non-soled moccasins?!
    Yeah, sorry, I needed to vent and this was the perfect topic to do it in. :)

    Happy planting!

  2. You made me smile. I'm sorry about your moccasins though. I hope it comes out and it wasn't a rotten egg.

  3. Glad someone found it funny! The shoes have a huge stain on the bottom.
    If the egg had have been rotten, I would have smelled it and missed the egg. Peanut can smell it on the shoe, though. Funny thing is, my husband brought home another pair for me to make a few days before the mishap! I usually make them once a year because I wear them out.