Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seedling Update- Green thumb or Black- It's too early to tell

Look what I found the other day

This is cabbage and lettuce by the way....

Remember Moe Moe's bucket? I found a good use for it since I didn't want to store any food in a "fish" bucket. The more I think about it, maybe the artificial chocolate syrup that was formally in the bucket, was more dangerous than fish germs? Anyway, I decided that I would turn this bucket into my make-shift compost bucket. (after bleaching and rinsing) I'm throwing in some leaves, lettuce leaves, cucumber peelings, you get the picture. From what I've been reading, if I keep this mixture mixed up and moist, I should have come nice compost in a few months. If I fill the bucket up, I have no idea what I'll do. We have too many wild kitties running around outside and I'm afraid that if I made an uncovered compost pile in the yard, they would get too creative and make the compost pile something else of their own design. I guess I'll eventually be forced to take my full bucket to Uncle Bubba's compost pile (which is inhabited by fire ants by the way).

I am sad to report that we are already loosing the fire ant battle (but that is another story).

For now though, my bucket is only about half full and I'll just keep saving my plant based scraps. I've heard that you can add egg shells and coffee grounds too. We don't drink coffee very often but boy, howdy, do I have egg shells. Those guys, however, are getting put into a bucket of their own. I have a trick up my sleeve (I've been reading a Mother Earth News article). Maybe I'll get to write about my new use for those egg shells if my tomatoes actually come up someday (I'm beginning to wonder about them). Uncle Bubba says that his haven't came up yet either and he planted his the same day I did.

Tomato seeds, please, please, please come up.....

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