Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seedling Update.....

I'm kind of in shock that all of this has sprouted ....

I begged, and I received! My tomatoes made their sudden appearance overnight.
One day there were not there and the next morning, they are.... I'm wondering if Scott is playing a trick on me....

You would never guess that I actually dislike tomatoes in their raw form but bring on the ketchup and sauces ....


  1. I don't like tomatoes, either. No ketchup for me.
    I'll eat them stewed or as a spaghetti sauce.

    Glad to see the weather is warm enough to make them sprout!

  2. Those little eggshell planters are so cool! Can you just plant the whole thing directly into the ground when the seedings are ready to be transplanted?

  3. You probably could but I would crack them up a little first. If you want to read more about using them, you can visit this blog for more info: