Saturday, April 25, 2009

Something else New at Minnie Maes


This is the newest item that I have added to Minnie Maes. It is a simple fabric wallet made entirely of cotton fabrics.


It features two deep slots for money or receipts. I also stuck my full sized check book down in one and it fit with plenty of room. (But my checkbook doesn't come with the wallet ;) ) There are 8 credit/debit slots to hold all of your cards as well.


If you can't tell already, the ocean has been on my mind so I was inspired to create this little money/coupon organizer.


Inside there are 3 ocean blue slots with vinyl label sections on the top and 3 "sand" colored sections on the bottom, also with vinyl label sections. In the middle section, there are two credit/debit card slots and a small zipper pouch for coins.

If you are interested in these or similar items, just click on over to Minnie Maes and take a look-see.


  1. Really great job! Love the wallet. I almost bought some fabric like that at Hobby Lobby. It's really cute!

  2. Now that is funny! When I put it in there, I told my daughter, "I wonder if CurlyFry will notice?". I guess you did!

  3. I'm keen like that!
    I passed right over the coinage and saw that card.