Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few New Things At Minnie Maes This Week...

I did this special order and it was the first time that I had worked with burlap
It is a grocery bag with the silhouette of the owner's three birds on the front. It turned out being very fun to make. (The only hard part was keeping my 4 year old from running off with my bird templates- Don't worry, in the end, she got to keep them for good.)

While I was in the mood with working with burlap, I kept going and created this cute little burlap sack
You know you could keep your favorite craw-dad in it if you wanted.......

In keeping with the "burlap" theme, I made this cute little handled tote
You could probably keep a craw-dad in it or a few onions if you wanted to.....

Lastly, I created this smaller sized organizing wallet
It's a smaller replica of my deluxe Saving for A Rainy Day Wallet

This is what it looks like when opened
This wallet has 6 slots deep enough for coupons or money, 3 credit/debit card slots, and a mini coin purse sewed in. They are labor intensive so I might make only a few and take special orders on them.

I guess you can see that I was busy this past weekend but it was fun to create something and actually "finish" them. If you are interested in any of these items or if you want something similar to those you see here, just visit Minnie Maes and drop me a line!


  1. You can send me the wallet for my b'day in July. :)

  2. ...and now I'll cry because it has been bought. *sniff* *sniff*

  3. I'm so sorry :(

    I'll eventually get around to making another one, I promise..... so cheer up!

  4. I love your wallets and the cool fabrics you use! They're at the top of my wish list ;o)

  5. I have competition! I'll save up for the next one.