Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Oops at Minnie Maes.....

My latest accordion style coupon or money organizer

My "oopsie, boo boo" that occurred

I loved the fabric that this coupon holder is made of from the moment I saw it. I had high expectations for it's future.... All was going well until I finished it. I have this little habit of ironing things when I finish them so they look all pretty for their photo shoot. Well, I had the iron turned up a little too high..... the rest is history.

Nothing is wrong with this little guy except that a random daisy or two has a fusible webbing stain here and there. In this case, the white daisy petals have random black marks on them. Not burn marks, just overheated fusible webbing marks here and there. Structure wise, the coupon holder is fine. "Looky" wise, some people might not even notice.

The moral of the story is.....

I learned that fusible webbing can be evil when over heated. It tries to secrete it's "goo" to the wrong side of the fabric. Lesson learned. I have to pick up and move on....

If you are interested, this guy is reduced in my shop, MinnieMaes.

(If no one snags it, I'm gonna keep it for myself.....)

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