Monday, April 20, 2009

Making Do Monday

What you use when your kids get clay all over your wooden rolling pin

My Trusty, glass peanut butter jar works just as good as any old, clay covered, wooden rolling pin would.....and the clay stays out of the food too...

I hope you are not sick of my kitchen related Making do Monday's but the two things that I had lined up are unavailable for pictures right now. (To give you a hint, Uncle Bubba has been at it again and Scott solved his problem of his laptop sliding off of the car seat while driving. I'll get them photographed this week- hopefully).

I figured that I'd just let you know how I made flour tortillas the other day without a rolling pin. (Modeling clay can not and will not wash or can ever be scrubbed off of a wooden rolling pin)

My making do moment was simply to use a jar to roll out my tortillas. As you can see from the picture, they are not perfectly round but they served their purpose. Who cares if the kids had fun figuring out which different state they were resembling. Who knew a jar would help teach geography in the kitchen? It was a win- win situation as far as I'm concerned..... I'm going to hang on to my peanut butter jar for as long as I can or at least some family member reads this post and realizes that one of the things I need most in this world is a Tortilla Press......


  1. " Scott solved his problem of his laptop sliding off of the car seat while driving." ummm, solution: put on floor of passenger seat. Tada!

  2. Haha, I used to use a glass jar to make tortillas when I didn't have a rolling pin.

  3. Mike's Hemp, you were ahead of the game then! I'm thinking that if a certain family member doesn't get my hint, I might put a donate button on the side of my blog to fund my torilla press - or at least a new rolling pin....

    CurlyFry, Great solution! Heeee heeee heee....

  4. I'm just impressed you're making your own tortillas!