Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's Outside Mine and Scott's Windows....

I am confident in saying that, "that there is a fine shade of hot pink"

In case you are not a regular around this blog, I'll fill you in on a little information. From time to time, I see strange things outside of my windows. I like to share my little findings with the online world.

Little did I know that this morning I would awaken to the sight of a hot pink pirate ship with a green octopus on top of it. I guess no one ever imagines that would happen to them.... I wonder if the guys that work on these things are ever embarrassed when they test them out? Personally, I think that the Merry Go Round (that I have yet to get a picture of) is the funniest of all because when they deflate it, it looks like this huge UFO. Anyway, I've never thought of renting a hot pink pirate's ship. What occasion would you do that for?

Ok, I've got my funny out of the way. Below is one of the many strange things that Scott likes to send to me in my e-mail throughout the day. Normally, I'd do a "What's Outside Scott's Car Windows" post but both of these abnormal things just happened to show up on the same day and I thought that if the pink ship didn't get a chuckle from you, this guy would.....

Can't you just imagine me jumping back slightly in my chair when I opened up this email?

I almost want to give a prize to the person that guesses where this guy lives but alas, I am prize less. I will, however, dub you Most Valuable Blog Reader for the day if you guess "Old Toothie's" home town.

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