Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Wordless Wednesday- My Enemies




  1. I know nothing about anything that is gardening so what is the hole caused by?

  2. Those evil varmits made that hole! They are so fast that just 1/2 hour before, I roller tilled their little house under and when I looked down, those little monsters had already made another door to their house!

  3. huh? I'm still confused.
    the only thing in my yard is a mole.

  4. Fire ants may not have made it to the coast yet. They say they are slowly coming north and spreading to the east and west from Mexico. They sting like fire and some people are very allergic to them just like they would be to bees.

    Usually they have big raised hills that they live in like a normal ant would. Around here, the hills are red dirt so you can usually spot them from afar. For some reason, at the farm you see them everywhere all over the ground. They have little holes like in the picture and not necessarily the red mounds that they normally would have. I think they are mutated strains that are just out to get me :(

  5. Oh, yeah, I'd take a mole over fire ants anytime!