Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something New Coming to Minnie Mae's Etsy Shop

This sunflower patterned money organizer/coupon holder was my first attempt at making something like this. It is completely padded with quilt batting so it is soft but bulky. I added heavy duty snaps so they would last (thank you Scott for helping me with those).

It has 10 dividing sections (which, if I had to do over, would have some sort of stiffiner added to them). Any made in the future will have stiff sections.

This spring cutie was an experiment. It does not have quilt batting but has fusible webbing to make it more ridgid than soft.

You probably can not tell from this picture but when opened, it has 6 pockets to slide money or coupons in (look very closely in the middle section and you will see).

This one is my favorite! I seen this fabric and grabbed it fast! It has a stiff fusible webbing inside as well so it is slightly rigid. It also has the heavy duty snaps.

This is what it looks like when opened. It has 5 dividers which equal 6 sections for money or coupons. If you notice on the right, there is a flap (polka dots). Under that flap is 6 credit/debit card holders. It was so fun to make those. Maybe part of the excitement was knowing that I only had one heavy duty sewing machine needle and if I broke it, I was out of luck. I haven't added any of them to my shop yet because I wanted to finalize my pattern for one or two different types and stick with those. One of my final patterns (hopefully) will have some sort of clear vinyl with the ability to slip labels into on each section. Also, I am going to add a small zippered section on either the top or bottom inside part for coins. I've been studying on how to do this and I have finally figured it out.

It's been awhile since I have gotten excited over a sewing project and I just love that the possibilities are endless as to what these little guys can look like! I also love the idea that I can eventually turn these into wallets to hold coordinating check book covers and maybe a slot for an ink pen!

They do take awhile to make and I haven't figured out what to charge for them yet. When I do, I'll be sure to let everyone know that they are in the shop. In the mean time, I'm just going to keep working on them and deciding which patterns that I want to stick with mostly.

I guess the women in the family might figure out what they are getting this year for Christmas now. I'm still kicking around some ideas for the men.....


  1. I'm loving these, already, Rosemary!
    I also like the idea of zippered compartments for coins. That's usually what I have most of...rather than bills!
    Please let me know as soon as they are listed! I have my eye on one! Just don't forget the measurements and I promise I'll use a ruler! It helps that I see them in your hand.
    Yay! I'm so excited.

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    They are looking great. You know I want one as soon as you have them in the shop. I do think the stiffer ones will hold up best. I can't wait to get one.