Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Great Compost Pile Experiment

I'm using my blog to document some of my experiments so I hope you all don't get bored with my silliness. I'm learning a few things as I go and I figured you might like to see too.

This is the compost pile that my brother started some time ago. It was nothing but a huge pile of leaves and a couple fire ant colonies. (I figured out the fire ant colony thing the hard way)

Here is the same pile just last week

I've been saving all plant based scraps from my house in a 5 gallon bucket. Whenever I get over to Uncle Bubba's farm, I dig around in the compost pile and finish up by digging a deep hole, and burying my compost inside. Each time I return, I do the same. So far, the fire ant colony has moved on. That is a really good sign that the pile has been heating up and "working". After all, I guess fire ants have temperature restrictions too just like the rest of us.

The pile above is starting to look a little different, I think. Notice all of the briars and such all around the pile. After I took this picture, I sling bladed those little boogers and mixed them in with the pile too.

I love it when a plan comes together (who said that phrase anyway?). My dreams of rich, healthy compost for next year are slowly becoming a reality.

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  1. We just started our pile. Taking pictures of the progress is a great idea.