Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Newest Member of Minnie Mae's Bear Family

This is George

George is the newest member of Minnie Mae's baby safe teddy bear family. He was born out of the inspiration that I received from both of the Etsy teams that I'm in. The SHE team (schooling at home etsians) and TeamSC (The South Carolina Etsy Street Team) are both, currently having creative challenges. I lucked up and figured that George here would qualify for both themes. The SHE team's theme is "Patriotic" and TeamSC's theme is "Americana". (Woo hoo, I just killed two birds with one stone, so to speak). (I really wouldn't kill birds with rocks...)

I don't make bears very often, partly because they take awhile and all finishing seams are hand stitched, and partly because I don't have anywhere to store these guys when they are completed. I don't like to "mash" (can you tell I'm southern?) them into the tub that I keep all of my other shop goodies in, so I have to limit myself because of the lack of room.

I didn't realize that my bears are kinda' big until a friend bought some and mentioned that I needed a photo showing how big these guys really are. (George here, is a medium sized bear- believe it or not!). My little model in the photo was happy to oblige with her photo shoot showing how big Mr. bear was. Thank you little model....

If you haven't caught on yet, George is named after George Washington. I'm sure though, that George the bear wouldn't mind it if someone bought him and changed his name. (As long as it was still a patriotic name......)

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  1. this is a great bear!! your friend is right, I would have never known how big this guy really is.