Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quick Compost Update

Pay no attention to this post if compost is boring or grosses you out........

As I've said before, I'm using my blog to document some of my "experiments". This is what the compost pile looked like after not being stirred for two weeks. I know, I need to mix it around more often than that but this is the best I could do this time. The briars had practically covered it up and if you didn't know it was there, you could just walk on by oblivious to it in the first place.

Here it is when I left. I mixed, and mixed and mixed and mixed- you get the idea. There are some shavings, leaves, BRIARS, and an entire 5 gallon bucket of vegetable scraps from my kitchen mixed in there now. At the rate I'm going, this pile should be in pretty good shape by next spring.....

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  1. the hubby and I were just talking about compost this morning before he left for work... we have a small yard but still want to start at least a small garden. The problem we have with thinking of having a compost pile is the critters it attracts here in Florida. Even citrus/fruit trees attract the citrus rats like crazy.