Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not So Secret Father's Day Gifts for the Dad at My House

The Dr. and Rose
By Mark Satchwill

My honey has this favorite television show. It's been his favorite for a long, long time. Lots of people in America have no idea what the show even is. But, on the other hand, thanks to BBC America and PBS (in the 1980's), lots of people do know what the show is. That show is called Dr. Who. No, it's not a hospital drama, tear jerker, type of show; Dr. Who is a science fiction program. Dr. Who is a time lord. He never dies- well, sort of never. Dr. Who "regenerates" into the form of another Dr.

By the way, he isn't a medical doctor. People just kind of think he is. He travels through space and time saving planets, species, and the such from utter destruction. His vehicle of travel is a Tardis. A Tardis is what the British will easily recognize as a telephone booth of sorts that is painted blue and has the words, "police box" across the top. The Tardis is gigantically huge on the inside and normally sized on the outside. Almost all Dr. Who episodes are family friendly- except the newer ones do have a "naughty" word or two that show up from time to time. Some episodes do get a little "scary" with the occasional feisty alien or two but overall- everyone in my family can watch.

Oh, know, this post has turned out being a write up on Dr. Who the program and not the reason as to why I'm posting this in the first place! Back to my original intention!

There are lots of neat items on Etsy that are Dr. Who related. From time to time, when I actually have time, I type in Dr. Who in the search bar and see what comes up. Some time back, I found the reproduction print you see above. I had to buy it for my husband. He collects Dr. Who memorabilia, which by the way, is hard to come by in America. Mark Satchwill shipped me the print very fast "over the pond" and it got to me in time for my husband's birthday.

Dr. Who- David Tennant
By Mark Satchwill

This print is the one that's on it's way over the Atlantic ocean at this very moment for part of my husband's Father's Day gift. Mark has a couple of other Dr. Who's that he has completed and is working on my husband's favorite Dr. right now. I couldn't keep the secret from my honey about the print pictured above and I just had to show him what was on the way to him. He wants all of the Dr. prints by Mark Satchwill now!

A special order "Tardis" that I ordered from Roger's Stuff - also on Etsy.

This Tardis was something that I asked Roger from Roger's Stuff, if he could make. He had it done within a very short while- even before I logged off of the computer that day! Today, it came in the mail- super fast shipping people!

My honey put his Tardis in the back window of the truck before we even got home from the post office. I'm so glad he liked it.

Well, seller's be on the lookout for me, I've finally found a way to surprise my honey. He has no idea what I buy on Etsy so I'll be on the lookout for Dr. Who for Christmas!

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