Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mud Holes and Brothers on Off Road Vehicles

Here are two brothers. One is on the motorcycle (obvious) and the other is on a go-cart (obvious). What you don't see is what the youngest brother's feet look like. You see, the eight year old on the go-cart had this lifelong dream. That dream was to drive the go-cart- all by himself. His dream became a reality this past weekend. It's not that we didn't think he could do it. It's the fact that this particular eight year old is completely fearless. Whenever he mentioned driving the go-cart by himself, we pictured, blood, guts, and whatever else he could get scattered all over the field. You know, sirens in the background and buzzards circling above. Seriously- this kid is fearless and has a very similar track record to what I mentioned before- (don't even ask about the gravel driveway and the bicycle with no brakes.)

I swallowed hard on his first solo ride. Thankfully, he was perfectly content to "chase" his big brother around and around in circles in the field. That was ok for me. Unfortunately, big brother got bored with going in circles and soon drove out of sight- down the driveway. The driveway leading to a huge mud hole. See where the feet issue, I mentioned before, is coming from?

There you have it. Fearless eight year old, a go-cart, and a mud hole.
Just wanted to share with you. Thankfully, this was the only disaster my fearless eight year old encountered that day.

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