Monday, June 22, 2009

Stag horn Beetle Finds New Home- Away from Practical Jokers

What possibly could I be up to with posting a picture of a fake stag horn beetle? When I snapped this photo, I knew there just had to be something else to it. I figured that there was a story behind it. I was right. There was a story behind it. My niece was happy to hear that I had found this "missing" beetle. She even said, "So that's where it went- in the yard! "

This beetle is the last episode from a string of years that included practical jokes and other gags between my brother, sister, niece, and her fiance.

From what I'm told, it all started with a life-sized, plastic, sewer rat that my brother conveniently placed behind the toilet in the bathroom. That plastic rat moved around the house and was found around corners, in refrigerators- you get the picture. The game was on at that point. I'm told that they grew "old" of the rat and at every Christmas, someone got some kind of plastic "critter" in their stocking. That "critter" would be the new "toy" that everyone would play practical jokes on each other with. There were plastic bugs, rubber snakes, and even a fake "monster" that liked to hand out in the bathroom.

I guess those things kind of kept people on their toes for sure! My niece says that even right now, at this very instant, there is a plastic monster in the shower that is hanging precariously from the shower head.

"Huh", and I thought my siblings were boring. Here they were, all this time, having loads of fun hiding critters all over the house and trying to scare each other to death.....

Back to the stag horn beetle. Someone put him out in the yard evidently (obviously). Why, we will never know. But hey, I don't even live there and I found Mr. Beetle. At least he's found.

After hearing about Mr. Beetle, I am left to wonder what's the deal with Miss Ladybug?

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