Monday, June 15, 2009

My Pretend Birthday Party- Complete With A Cockroach

My birthday party spread

Last week, my little girl and her cousin decided to throw me a birthday party. It's not my birthday (or anywhere near it) but that's ok. It was the thought that counted. I even got lots and lots of presents that were lovingly wrapped in scrap paper (and my last roll of tape).......

Take a look closely at the picture. There are all kinds of yummy, plastic goodies on my coffee table. I zoomed in on the pretend bottle of chocolate syrup immediately- how about you?

On the end of the table, you will see my gifts that I received. I got a pink hair accessory, my missing spoon, an old worn out dish cloth, my missing scissors (that I had been previously searching frantically for just moments before this party started), and the beloved, plastic cockroach.

Little girls are so sweet- even when they give you a plastic cockroach for your pretend birthday. Little girls can't keep secrets so I was warned ahead of time that I was about to open a gift that was nothing but a plastic cockroach. That was good to know ahead of time- don't you think?

Thank you, girlies!


  1. down here in Florida we have another name for large cockroaches... "palmetto bugs"... say that with a bit of a locked jaw and you'll see it doesn't have the same connotation as "large cockroach" so it doesn't give you the willies...

    girls and their parties... gotta love it!

  2. Really cute! My little niece also love to play pretend and so does her little friends! She got a lot of toys so I think we'll use it for her next birthday party, just like you did. I just hope she will let her friends play with her toys. Nice party! and photos too.