Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bananas, Spiders, Fog, and Muffins

It all started with these three bananas. They came from Whole Foods Market. Bananas from Whole Foods Market taste really, really good compared to bananas from other stores. This threesome was purchased about 3 days ago. They kind of ripened faster than I had hoped they would.

Being the thrifty mom that I am, I do not let anything go to waste these days. These three bananas had to be made into something soon. I peeled them, whipped up a little something, put that "little something" into the oven, and threw the banana peels in my compost "jug" that I keep on the counter I then proceeded to go outside to dump my compost "jug" into my compost "bucket"-with the intention that one day, I will, once again, dump my compost bucket into the compost "pile". The compost pile will be the dirt I plant my seeds into next year.

Now that we are straight on that little fact, back to the story at hand. I've got to blend this tale of bananas, spiders, fog, and muffins all together.

When I opened the back door, it was obvious as seen in the photo above, it was- f-o-g-g-y.

Here is another view of the fog. It doesn't look too bad but I tell you, half an hour before that, you could hardly see the picnic table. (I didn't think of grabbing the camera a half hour before so you will just have to take my word for it.)

The volley ball pole had been visited by some spiders the night before. Ok, it could be one spider, I didn't ask to see exactly how many spiders there were on that pole and rope.

Are you following me, so far, I've touched on all three aspects in the title of this blog post: bananas, spiders, and fog. See, they make since together after all, don't they.
As I walked closer to my compost bucket, I noticed the shiny web of another spider. It had made it's little home under the seat of a bicycle.

I glanced up before I walked under the volleyball net just to make sure a spider didn't drop on my head and I noticed this little web here.

I looked down and saw the web on the spokes of the bicycle.

I looked up again and saw another web like the one above.

When I walked back into the house, these guys were ready to be taken out of the oven. MMMM, yummy. What kind are they you say? I think I'll call them Foggy, Coconut, Banana, Spider muffins.

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  1. lol... not if you have to explain "why" everytime! funny post though. Spiders freak me out and I probably would have let the muffins burn because I forgot about them while I was running around trying to spray every spider in sight! There'd have to be another name thought of then!

    I love your new etsy banner!