Monday, August 10, 2009

A little "Figgy" Jelly

A basket of figs (turkey figs to be precise)
(Sorry that the picture is a little blurry- I took this one with my cell phone)

My in laws are always reminding me that, "The figs will be ready soon". Real soon finally came the other day in the form of this basket full of figgy goodness. What did I do with that basket of figgy goodness?

I canned those suckers. I ended up with 11-1/2 of the half pint jars, and 6 pint jars full (plus a little extra that was left in the pot, which my daughter and I fought over for the rights to eat).

I have three jars of sugar free fig, 3 jars of raspberry fig, and the remaining small jars are strawberry fig. My father in law had told me that if you mix any other fruit in with the figs while cooking them, they will take on the taste of that added fruit. He was right. My personal favorite ended up being the raspberry fig preserves. I don't think they will last long.

I just started canning last year and I had forgotten the specifics of canning fig jam (or jelly, as I call it). I searched the internet and found this fantastic site that walks you through, step by step in making fig jam. Take a look see if you are thinking of tackling some figs anytime soon.

Hey, the next crop of figs should be ripening any day now- I wonder what I'll mix in with them this time?

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