Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Garden Update

Yesterday's Garden Harvest

I am very proud to say that we have a bumper crop growing in the garden thanks to the rain. Unfortunately, it's not really something to be proud of. You see, that bumper crop is grass. More specifically, fescue for you farm people out there. Yes, it got away from us with all of the scattered thunderstorms everyday last week.

All was not lost though, the peanuts look happy amidst the fescue backdrop. (You will just have to take my word for it, I wouldn't dare show anyone a picture of my un-weeded garden at this point. Just use your imagination. Yep, that's it- only worse. ) Uncle Bubba has some corn taking off. It towers us all at around 7-1/2 feet! He planted a variety called Bloody Butcher. We will never know what it looks like all "bloody butchery" and dried. We all ate it........... Maybe next year we'll have the patience to see what it turns out to look like when it's all dried and "red" like.

Our corn went through a little "spell". More specifically, a dry spell. It was planted much later than Uncle Bubba's corn so as to not cross pollinate with it. Our corn is Blue Dent. Hey, do you think that red and blue corn would cross to make purple corn! Naaaaah, it was just a thought. It would be fun eating purple corn though. Back to the story at hand.

Our blue dent corn measures about a foot and a half tall I would say. The bad part is that it's not going to get any taller thanks to the dry spell. It actually has ears on it. Those ears are only about 6 inches from the ground! Despite it's stature problems, the Blue Dent did manage to produce one ear already. You will see it in the picture above. I was hoping it would be all blue like and all but I guess I'll have to settle for "variegated". Anyway, I'm going to cook up that one little ear tonight and let the kiddos fight over it. Hey, we don't waste anything around this house...

My biggest upset or should I say, surprise this year in the garden was formally my squash "switch-a-roo". If you follow me, you might remember that my yellow crook necked squash turned out to be zucchini (I spell that word wrong every time) in disguise (that word too). Get this, I scavenged through the fescue and spotted these little yellow balls growing next to my cucumber plants. I've lived around gardens enough to know that cucumbers only turn yellow if you leave them on the vine too long. Well, these guys weren't there at all the other day, now they appeared suddenly. Guess what? Another seed mix up. My pickling cucumbers have somehow managed to be some kind of cucumber that I remember seeing in a catalog once. I can't remember what they are called but hey, they smell like cucumbers, they look like a cucumber on the inside, and they taste like cucumbers. (They are in the photo above in case you were wondering).

Well, the garden started out a swamp, went through a quick drought, grew the opposite types of vegetables than were planted, and now is growing some fine looking fescue. I guess that all is not lost. Someone once said, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again". Looks like I've got a lot of "trying" on my hands next year.

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