Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day Trip To Greenville- Part 2

The city of Greenville was founded around the Reedy River Falls. Here are some pretties that we seen when we decided to play "tourist" for the day.

The entrance to the park

This is the view that we first saw from atop the Liberty Bridge. For years, a "driving" bridge covered these falls and many people had no idea that these falls were here in the first place. The city went through a massive movement to change the view, destroyed the car bridge, and built a massive walking bridge so that people could enjoy the scenery.

Just a tid bit of info for you concerning the Reedy River- just because I'm brutally honest sometimes:
I happen to know where this river begins and I also happen to know what is dumped into it along the many miles before it gets to this point. Let's just say that my kiddos were not allowed to get anyway around this water. It's pretty- but it's also hazardous to your health....

Here is Liberty Bridge. It creeped my son out when it moved a little while we were stopped to take pictures. It was kind of like the vibration that you feel when you are at the mall on the second floor- to give you an idea.

Here is the bridge from a different angle

A scene from atop the bridge

Here are some other parts of Falls Park

Little hideaways tucked here and there...

My oldest said that this needed to be in a Lord of the Rings movie.....

This reminded me of the "Whomping Willow" in Harry Potter. (Did I spell "Whomping Willow" correctly?)

We really enjoyed the trip downtown and seen a lot of things that we had no idea existed in our neck of the woods. Isn't that just the way it usually is, you never know what's just outside your door do you?


  1. Those falls are beautiful, it just so sad that stuff is being dumped into the water

  2. nice! I agree... that's a Lord of the Rings tree for sure... makes me want to watch the movie... again!

    Hopefully, with more traffic to appreciate the view, they'll take measures to make it cleaner.