Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's Outside Scott's Car Windows- The "Hub City" Edition

Sometimes I get to go on little day trips with Scott while he is working. Yesterday just happened to be one of those days. I've made it a point to take my camera with me in case something strange just happens to catch our eyes. On this particular day, quite a few things caught our eyes.

This is a legendary landmark from around the upstate of South Carolina. I have never eaten here personally.

A milk cow of this size makes you wonder what kind of damage could be done if she got loose from her tiny pen. That brown coat sure does remind me of chocolate milk.

From what I understand, this fenced lot holds pink elephants until they are needed. And if the site of a pink elephant doesn't get your attention, this pink elephant comes with it's own billboard. If needed, you can spell out what you need to say to get someone's attention. How about that?

I've heard of an outhouse before, but this is ridiculous!


  1. I haven't eaten at The Beacon in ages! I can't believe you've never!

  2. See, even people on the coast have eaten at the Beacon! I must be the last person in South Carolina to have NOT eaten there yet.... Now Wades is a different story- yum yum!

  3. Ricky's chili, too.

    You have to remember; I was born in Spartanburg.

  4. P.S. One of my cousins used to work at Wade's.

  5. mmmm, Wades......stewmeat.....mmmmmm....rolls......broccoli casserole...mmmmm...macaroni pie.....mmmmmmm.....

    I've been by Rickys many, many times but never eaten there either....boy, I'm sad, huh.

  6. Local's never visit the hotspots. Just like I haven't been to the beach in almost a year!