Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Day Trip to Downtown Greenville- Part 1

I just have to show you the funny stuff first. I guess people thought I was a nut taking pictures of things of this sort but I didn't care.

At first glance, you could guess that it is easy to get "runned" over on the streets of Greenville (as a lot of us say). This guy was playing it safe and using a handy dandy truck to keep himself off of the streets. After all, who wants to paint with people coming by and commenting constantly? What about the rogue individual that might stick their finger in your painting? This dude had the right idea moving on up "vertically".

I can only wonder why someone needs an exercise bike on a main street parking lot. What bewilders me more is why someone would "lock" their exercise bike up to keep it from being stolen?

Now this one is funny. Not only is it just outside of a business that is known in my neck of the woods as a business that could be called "bully-ish", they had to go and paint this symbol on the actual road out front. We figured that it is the "Push me down" lane.

My teenager, that recently got his driver's permit, didn't see this sign in his instruction manual. Is this really a legal road marking???? Maybe I should ask the DMV.....

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