Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dragonfly Season

The other day, I made this observation that there sure were a lot of dragonflies actually "flying" around in my back yard. They were landing on the volleyball net, the steps, the porch rail, the trees, and the fence line. I grabbed my camera and started shooting away.

Roly Polley Girl was with me and made it quite interesting to snap pictures of little creatures that liked to flitter and flutter at any little sudden movement. Anyways, I managed to snap these photos. The only one that I wished I could have photographed was the army green colored one. He was a beauty but apparently, he was also camera shy.

I know this picture isn't focused right but I just had to show you this little guy's face. He really did have a "smiley" face plastered across that little head of his.

I lost count but this one was the most persistent of them all. He must have flew off and landed on this same stem 100 times while I tried to focus in on him.

This one was familiar. I just couldn't think of what he reminded me of. I know that the kids have watched a movie at some point with a dragonfly in it, I just couldn't remember which one it was.

Look closely, doesn't the face of this one remind you of "Tom" the cat in the old Tom and Jerry cartoons?

This is a view of "Smiley" the dragonfly from the side. He sure is happy.

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  1. these were so good!! I was visiting with my mom in NC and one night while we were walking, there had to be hundreds of dragonflies darting about.