Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm On A Sewing Roll- Believe It Or Not!

It all started with this pile of "stuff". I've found that it's much easier to cut everything out and get it ready before I try to put something together. I finally figured out this little fact the hard way. Don't you just love that red? Sometimes I browse through the fabric department and something catches my eye. That red certainly did. That cute argyle was in a remnant bin- can you believe it?

A gazillion steps were missed by the time I took this picture but you get the idea that it's in the "rough" stage by looking at the edges. The stuffed puppy in the top right corner was a strategically placed distraction by Roly Polley Girl to try and get me to stop sewing. It didn't work.

Once, I got up to unplug the iron and looked down at the floor. I make big messes when I sew. (Ask my vacuum cleaner. It may never recover from the thread wrapped around the beaters.) This was the debris left over after I picked most of it up.

After that, I proceeded to attach the metal snaps. Oh how I detest putting in metal snaps. They aren't very nice to me........not to mention the fact that my hammer ran off twice (thank you Roly Polley Girl) and I had to rescue it. It's funny, usually when I put one of these together, I worry more about someone getting burned on the iron. This time, the only casualty was the poor iron cord that got sucked up by the vacuum. Oh yeah, and Scott counts as a casualty too. He was the one that sucked the cord up with the vacuum. When that happened, the iron fell off of the table and hit his foot. He survived to tell the tale so don't worry.

This is what the finished wallet looks like open. It has 6 pockets with vinyl label holders and three debit/credit card holders in the middle. There is also a zippered pocket for loose change.

How about that? It only took 2 hours, wrapped up string on the vacuum beaters, a runaway hammer, and a smashed foot. Not bad for a day's work I guess.

By the way, this cute wallet (that I almost kept for myself) is currently listed (if I don't change my mind about keeping it....) at Minnie Maes in case you are interested.

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  1. I've totally got my eye on this. Not that I really need another one since I'm still using (and loving) the one you made for me. But I always like changing things up. You wouldn't believe how many purses and bags I have!