Monday, August 24, 2009

The Big Pile Of Lizard Looking Stuff Finally Takes Shape

Remember some time ago when I mentioned that I was working on this big pile of lizard looking stuff?

Here is that "lizard looking stuff" transformed into a stuffed dragon. Isn't he cute! I know that he needs eyeballs but my button stash just didn't have anything that would justify his overall "cuteness" so he is eyeball-less for now. If you remember, I had lost two important pattern pieces to this guy so I opted to take my son's dragon apart and trace his pieces. Hooray, I now have a complete set of pattern pieces now and I can start making some of these guys to sell! My next problem is that I just can't seem to find the perfect fabric for the next one I'm going to make. This lizard patterned fabric is something that I bought long ago and I haven't seen it since, so "lizard scales" are out of the question. I'm eyeballing some "flame" fabric at the store right now.

Here is a side view. I wanted you to see his cute tail (that is an absolute monster to sew). I changed how his head is attached (which is much more sturdy now). When I finished putting him back together, I put fresh stuffing in and then handed him back over to his owner. My son laughed and said that his dragon now looked like he was "expecting".